From 1st October 2011, Sioen Nordifa SA became SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION.

SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION is a textile manufacturing company, the market leader in industrial filtration: filter bags for industrial dust collection (CLARTEX) and filter cloths for liquid filtration (LAINYL) and on the technical felts market (SIOFELT, SIODRAIN, SIOSILENCE and SIOPIPE).

At our site in Liège we use an integrated production process for the manufacture of filtration components, from needlepunching to physical and chemical treatments, up to final completion.

Our production workshop has the latest automated equipment (laser cutters, automatic sewing machines, heat sealing lines and automatic coating machines).


SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION is part of the Sioen Industries group. Sioen Industries is a group with a diverse range of activities listed on the Brussels stock exchange, and which has a wide portfolio of products and activities: coating of technical textiles, manufacture of protective clothing, manufacture of fine chemicals and the treatment of technical textiles. Its policy of vertical and horizontal integration, of diversification and continual growth has been its driving force since 1960.

  • Is the world number one on the coated technical textile market;
  • Is one of the market leaders in industrial protective clothing;
  • Is a specialist in the production of fine chemicals;
  • Has a predominant place in the global market of the treatment of technical textiles.



In 2001 Sioen Industries took over the activities of Nordifa in Liège, Belgium. Nordifa was created in 1800 and over time became a specialist in the production of technical fabrics, used in particular in filtration and technical felts.


SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION’s filtration products are used in the food processing industry, heavy industry, the chemical industry, water treatment plants and incinerators. SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION’s technical felts are used in the construction industry, geotextile/CIPP, the automobile industry, interior design and advertising/packaging.





We offer a complete range of standard products and tailor-made solutions. One of our numerous assets is our strong R&D team, with years of experience and a very good technical knowledge.

Sioen Felt and Filtration has a vertically integrated production line: from the raw material (Polyester, Polypropylene, Dralon® technical acrylic, PBT, Nomex®, PPS Ryton®, P84® polyimide, polyamide, etc.) up to the finished product. We have our own weaving looms for the manufacture of LAINYL® filter cloths and felt needlepunching lines for the manufacture of CLARTEX® filter bags. We can satisfy the most challenging requirements from our customers using our mechanical, thermal or chemical treatment processes. CLARTEX® filter bags can be heat sealed or sewn. The cloths are finally cut to size by hand or by laser, and then made into finished products for the various activities of modern industry.

We can find the best solution for you, whatever your requests or demand.     







We think “quality” at all levels of our organization. We use top quality supplies and choose the best suppliers, as well as trustworthy staff.

Our purchasing policies are very efficient and we cooperate with reliable suppliers who can guarantee us top quality raw materials.

Sioen Felt and Filtration is very committed to environmental solutions for industry. For a number of years, Sioen Felt and Filtration has been developing a particularly efficient filtration system and clean up solutions that help our customers protect our environment.

Sioen Felt and Filtration only uses water-based “dispersion” and has a proactive environmental policy. We recycle our own waste and have reduced our use of “fossil” energy.




Sioen Felt and Filtration has its own laboratory equipped with standard instruments for quality control and development: resistance, porosity, permeability, ageing, etc.       

More specialized analyses are carried out by laboratories with an international reputation. In the event of a specific problem, we develop new solutions that we manufacture ourselves in order to carry out preliminary tests in an industrial environment.