Along with filtration media, we have developed a wide range of technical felts, ranging from 80 to 2000 g / m², in single or multiple layers, with or without a woven reinforcement base.

We use a wide variation of fibers : PET, PP, PAN, PA6, PA66, PPS, Meta-aramid, Nomex, PI (P84), Préox, Stainless Steel, Wool, PLA.

Our unbleached cloths have a maximum width of 260, 360 or 420 cm depending on the looms. They are also equipped with knives that enable us to debit in narrower widths.

On our treatment lines (calendaring, singeing, thermo-setting, chemical treatment), we produce in widths up to 250 cm.

Our products can be packaged in rolls, spools (minimum width of 50 mm), sheets and plates.

Among many applications, our technical felts are used in particular:

SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION can supply nonwoven fabrics of all weights going from 80 g per m2 to 2000 g per m².

Depending on the end use, we recommend various fibres such as:
PP, PET, PAN, PA6, PA66, PPS, Meta-Aramid, Nomex®, PI (P84), Preox, PANOX, stainless steel, wool and PLA.

We have developed composites for sound insulation, thermomolding, geotextiles, automobiles, antistatic applications and applications with a high heat resistance.

SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION, is vertically integrated. All treatments are done in-house:
singeing, calendering and heat-setting, as well as chemical impregnation of foam, coating or stitching and in-line plate cutting.

SIOEN FELT AND FILTRATION is a dynamic manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics and is part of the SIOEN Industries group. Our great experience in industrial filtration gives us the possibility of offering a wide range of nonwoven fabrics.


  • Single layer nonwoven fabrics
  • Multilayer nonwoven fabrics
  • Chemical or thermal finishing dedicated for the end use      
  • In-line plate cutting
  • Assembly                      



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